Ale Ochoa is a collector of cool job titles in the spirits industry. Having previously served as the Whiskey Scientist for TX Whiskey, she is currently working as the Master Blender and Director of Spirits for Find Familiar Spirits as well as the Head of Spirits for La Pulga Spirits.

With the goal of working in spirits, Ochoa specialized in food science at Texas A&M University, culminating in a Master of Science focusing on flavor chemistry and sensory science (i.e. developing a great descriptive palate and a strong understanding of how flavor develops in spirits). Ochoa worked with TX Whiskey on her MSc to explore the relationship and presence of terroir in whiskey. She joined TX Whiskey after graduating, where she handled quality, sensory, blending, and product development.

In 2023, Ochoa joined agave spirits brand La Pulga Spirits to explore Mexican spirits as well as her own culture. The perfect opportunity to continue blending whiskey occurred when she joined Find Familiar Spirits in 2023. Besides loving blending, being able to create new whiskeys that fit characters and worlds was a challenge that Ochoa was excited to take on.

For anyone brave or bored enough to read her thesis, google the title “Assessing the impact of corn variety and Texas terroir on flavor and alcohol yield in new-make bourbon whiskey”. Despite not owning cowboy boots and being a terrible line dancer, she is a proud native Texan. Her favorite drink is a Ranchwater.