David Cohen is not only the Director of Procurement for Find Familiar Spirits, he’s the President and Head Distiller at Manifest Distilling in Jacksonville, Florida, and is responsible for  day-to-day operations at the distillery. Manifest opened in 2015 and its products are currently distributed in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, as well as nationwide through online retailers.

David also serves as President of the Florida Craft Spirits Association, the first industry supported non-profit established to promote the craft spirits industry throughout the state. His long family history in hospitality began in the early 1940s in the Caribbean, so his involvement in the spirits industry was a natural progression. Prior to founding Manifest, David completed an internship with Kentucky Artisan Distillers and earned a certificate from The Siebel Institute of Technology for Craft Distilling and Operation.

Before that, David was responsible for opening or operating several companies ranging from  a production company in Los Angeles to serving as the Creative Director and Vice President of an editorial and publishing company.