Lorie Yager-Madden is the Customer Experience Manager at Find Familiar Spirits, bridging the gap between customers and the brand. She strives to deliver a solid customer experience and to build brand loyalty while ensuring consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

Lorie is educated as a psychotherapist but decided not to pursue the career professionally. After getting her master’s degree, she pivoted to data visualization and web design. She crafted her own consulting business in 2010, helping small businesses bring their mission to digital marketing channels, and she’s excited to apply the skills she developed working with clients to her role with Find Familiar Spirits.

Located in the Chicago area, Lorie has 2 teen girls and a true data-nerd partner. She has a soft spot for rescuing animals, and currently has a dog and 3 cats in the family. She is an avid live music fan and art appreciator. Her favorite drink is a frosty Paloma. She is enjoying exploring whiskey tasting and learning about the world of Dungeons & Dragons.